Valentine (Lunar New Year) 2024

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He will Main Story Quest

1 V2024 1.gif To start the main quest, talk to Elder Lin at Louyang 299/72

He will told you story about Love Lantern. At the end, he will refer you to Mei Feng, one of the greatest lantern maker at Louyang.

2 V2024 2.gif Meet Mei Feng inside the building in Louyang.

She will told a story about a young men that got kidnapped by a Dragon. Choose to help the young men as is turn out, that story based on real event.

Mei Feng ask you to collect Heart Bloom Flower to create the Love Lantern.

3 V2024 3.gif Meet with Mei Hua at Louyang. She's got knowledge about the flower whereabouts.

The flower bloom at the top of the hills behind her. There's two option you can choose, either use Fly Wing to teleport there randomly, or pay Hong Miao for elevator services.

4 V2024 4.gif Pay Hong Miao 500Z to use the elevator services to the top hill.

Collect the flower. Talk to Mei Hua afterwards. She want the flower, but tell her that she can't have it because you really need the flower to create Love Lantern. Meet with Mei Feng again, she will ask you to collect 1 pc Pure Silver. But since the materials is rare, you can smelt one from 7 pc Silver Ore. All obtainable from Mining Area.

Talk to NPC Lǐ Tiějiàng at Refine Room to smelt the silver.

5 V2024 5.gif Back with 1 pc Pure Silver to Mei Feng. She then will ask you to meet her at her room.

She will gives you Love Lantern of her craft. You should visit her sister, Mei Ling at the Longxiang Village.

6 V2024 6.gif Go to Airport at Maintown and meet with NPC Li Wei Zhang. Tell him your destination to Longxiang Village.
7 V2024 7.gif Chat with Mei Ling at the Longxiang Village. After heard her story, meet with Kai Cheng.

(*) You must wear your Love Lantern that Mei Feng gave you

8 V2024 8.gif Kai Cheng will tell and warn you about the Dragon's cave. He made you promise not to remove your Love Lantern as it will protect you from the Dragon.
9 V2024 9.gif Walk deep into the mountains and find the cave entrance. Instance will be generated, so you must already form a party to continue.
10 V2024 10.gif Follow the navigation step and avoid the fire! It you touched by the fire, you will lose some HP and you can die! When arrived at the designated location, cut scene will trigger.
11 V2024 11.gif Lian will appear and try to attack the Dragon that kidnap him. Lian will ask you to find this bag, and look for his Love Lantern. Go find it.
12 V2024 12.gif After found the bag and didn't find any Love Lantern inside, back to Lian.

Beware of the Fire, they still can hurt you.

13 V2024 13.gif There's no other way! Lian must use your Love Lantern to fight the dragon!

Use the rope to slide down where Lian held hostage.

14 V2024 14.gif Watch the cut scene and let Lian lead the process.
15 V2024 15.gif As the Love Lantern ignited, the Dragon back to his normal form.

Listen to his story then use the rope to climb up then leave the cave with Lian.

16 V2024 16.gif After got out from the cave, once again talk to Kai Cheng. He will replace your destroyed Love Lantern with new one.
17 V2024 17.gif Talk to Lian next to Mei Ling. You help them reunite!

As thank you, Lian will reward you with 50 pc 7621.png Token of Siegfried.

18 V2024 18.gif Leave the village and then back visit the village again. The villager held Love Lantern Festival as they are promoting their costume craft and others.

Explore the villagers' options to create special costume, usable, pet, etc.

Cute Chao Pet

Pet v2024.gif omg_village 336/50

Mulan - Costume

Costume v2024a.gif omg_village 338/57

Ling Ling - Costume Garment

Costume v2024b.gif omg_village 336/60

Valentine Shop

V2024 shop.gif omg_village 357/48

Event item material

Omgro heartbloomflower.png Heart Bloom Flower (Item Id 55429) Dropped from event monster at Maintown at 10% rate

- Metal Sonic (Mob Id 22243)

- Megalith Sonic (Mob Id 22247)

- Spore Sonic (Mob Id 22248)

- Savage Sonic (Mob Id 22249)

- Angeling Sonic (Mob Id 22250)

- Heater Sonic (Mob Id 22251)

V2024 mob.gif
1000930.png Chocolate Heart
660.png Candle (Item Id 55428) Dropped from event monster at Maintown at 5% rate

- Metal Sonic (Mob Id 22243)

- Megalith Sonic (Mob Id 22247)

- Spore Sonic (Mob Id 22248)

- Savage Sonic (Mob Id 22249)

- Angeling Sonic (Mob Id 22250)

- Heater Sonic (Mob Id 22251)

7111.png Slick Paper Dropped from normal monster at 100% rate

- Swift Karakasa (Mob Id 2789)

- Karakasa (Mob Id 1400)

- The Paper (Mob Id 1375)

1001428.png Burning Heart (Item Id 55424) Daily instances:

- Killing the Dragon

After doing the instances, talk to Kai Cheng at Longxiang Village (/NAVI omg_village 352/162)

Instance cooldown reset at 4AM

V2024 daily.gif
31718.png Love Lantern (Item Id 55427) NPC Leo Ming at Longxiang Village (/NAVI omg_village 357/63) V2024 lovelantern.gif
Omgro silverpure.png Pure Silver (Item Id 55422) Mapdrop (didn't affected by drop modifier):
Dropped from all monster inside Mining Area at 1%
V2024 silver.gif
Smelt 7 pcs Omgro silverore.png Silver Ore at NPC Lǐ Tiějiàng inside Refine Room (/NAVI omg_refine 49/28)
Omgro silverore.png Silver Ore (Item Id 55421) Mapdrop (didn't affected by drop modifier):
Dropped from all monsters inside Mining Area at 10%

(*) Talk to NPC Cassandra at Maintown to gain access to Mining Area (/NAVI omgmain 174/128)

V2024 mining.gif

Event Monster

All event monster can only be hit with Normal-Short Attack! Any skill used on the monster will heal them instead.

Uncle Botack

V2024 uncle.gif 18959.png Pink Poop (Item Id 60033) He will pay you 50.000Z for each Pink Poop. The item dropped when the Event Boss Doctor Eggman killed at Maintown.
Maintown (/NAVI 158/123) After every 2500 event monster killed, Boss Doctor Eggman will spawned. The Boss dropped cute costume 440012.png Costume Dr. Eggman Mask
Mini version of Doctor Eggman will also spawn at Maintown every 100 kills (Max spawned mini Boss are 3 mobs)