OMG Mall

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OMG Mall is where you can buy any jobs dailies items. Potions, arrow, ammo, skill catalyst, pet food, etc. You can also found NPC Equip Maker where you can create your weapon or any other equipment.

Master Smith

He can convert some low ore to higher ore. Example: 10 Rough Zelunium into Zelunium.

2 M OLDBLSMITH.gif Master Smith

/navi omgmall 50/36

6292.png Enriched Oridecon 984.png 25 Oridecon
6240.png HD Oridecon 984.png 50 Oridecon
6226.pngHD Bradium 984.png 100 Oridecon
6291.png Enriched Elunium 985.png 25 Elunium
6241.png HD Elunium 985.png 50 Elunium
6225.png HD Carnium 985.png 100 Elunium
6439.png Blessed Elunium 6896.png 5 Rough Blessed Elunium

989.png 1 Emperium Anvil

6438.png Blessed Oridecon 14644.png 5 Rough Blessed Oridecon

989.png 1 Emperium Anvil

25729.png Shadowdecon 25728.png 20 Rough Shadowdecon
25731.png Zelunium 25730.png 20 Rough Zelunium
7757.png Mithril 7757.png 10 Mithril Ore
674.png Mithril Coin 7757.png 10 Mithril Ore

Proof of Donation NPC

You can create POD here. There's two main method, with Poring Coin or with Mithril.

4 M ROTERT.gif Proof of Donation NPC

/navi omgmall 42/47

7179.png Proof of Donation 100,000,000 Zeny

7539.png 100 Poring Coin

100,000,000 Zeny

7757.png 1 Mithril