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OMG+ are our take on VIP System. This is a subscription services will give your account few benefits.


  • VIP Buffer for the whole char in the account without needing VIP Buffer Ticket
  • Increase buffer time from NPC Healer, also have different special effect
  • Heal 50 AP
  • +50% Battle Manual experience increase (All type of Battle Manual)
  • +50% Base experience rate increase
  • +50% Job experience rate increase
  • Get double Daily Login Reward
    • Receive additional 100 CP
    • Receive additional 100 7539.png Poring Coin
    • No additional waiting time to claim reward
  • Receive double Hourly Point (20 point)
  • Receive full hourly point event if you AFK more than 6 hours
  • Unbroken able fishing rod while fishing
  • Automatic autoloot when login. You can set up up to 10 items to be automatically looted each time you login)
  • Additional 600 storage slot. You can open by command @storage+

If want to activate this subscription for your account, please contact Admin. It will cost about $5 for 30 days.