Late Christmas and New Year

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Main quest guide

1 Xmas2023 1.gif Talk to Castle (/NAVI omgmain 115/108)

Eavesdrop their conversation and join their secret mission to find the missing Santa

2 Xmas2023 2.gif Talk to Cynthia (/NAVI omgmain 77/226) as she got information about falling guy from the sky.
3 Xmas2023 3.gif Follow each clue on any water surface area. Find the clue about Santa whereabout.
4 Xmas2023 4.gif During the search, Novu will surprise you with his sudden appearance. Check on the Snowman he mentions earlier.
5 Xmas2023 5.gif Turn out Santa got stuck inside the Snowman Costume. With the help from Castle and friends, pull the Santa out.
6 Xmas2023 6.gif Santa will thank you for helping him. He needs to deliver the rest of the gift to the children since he got stuck there until the Christmas ended.

Santa will ask you to meet his co-workers, Shawn for a cute costume.

7 Xmas2023 7.gif Find Shawn (/NAVI omgmain 85/40). Whe he about to give you the costume, he can't find the key. Help him retrieve the key at the bath pond below.
8 Xmas2023 8.gif Walk to the bath pond area below Shawn. Try to walk back and forth in the area until you find the key.

There's a dialog open when you find the right spot!

9 Xmas2023 9.gif Head back to Shawn and you will be rewarded with Costume Snow Head. During event period, the costume will grant you some effect:

- ATK +12%, MATK +12%, Item drop rate +5% - Enable to use skill Snow Dance

10 Xmas2023 10.gif Meet Joyco (/NAVI omgmain 106/180). She will teach you some new skill, but before that, you need to learn pre-skill at Master Gak.
11 Xmas2023 11.gif While wearing your costume, talk to Master Gak. He will add enchant to your costume so you can cast Lv1 Pick Snowball.

When you cast the skill on the snow pile area behind Master Gak, you will obtain 1 pc Snowball. To make your life easier, upgrade it to Lv5 at Master Gak, each cost Snowball, so you can get up to 5 pcs Snowball on each cast. Lv1 -> Lv2 : 20 Snowball Lv2 -> Lv : 30 Snowball Lv3 -> Lv4 : 40 Snowball Lv4 -> Lv5 : 50 Snowball (*) Back to Joyco and she will add Throw Snowball skill to your costume. She will explain that Throw Snowball can't hit Tilby with green dress but can hit any other event monster. In addition, she got another skill that you can learn, but it will cost Snow Coin.

12 Xmas2023 12.gif Talk to Joyco mom, Sulki near her. She will give you daily quest that will reset on 4 AM. Each hunting quest will give you Snow Coin as reward and 1 additional Coin Box.

Take any hunting quest except Green Tilby, since you can't hit it with Throw Snowball at this point. Once you collect enough Snow Coin, go back to Joyco to learn additional skill. There's two additional skill at Joyco: - Snowball Rain - Snow Bombarda Learn the skill in order to make your hunting more fun!

Snow Skill

No Icon Name Description
1 Skill picksnowball.gif Pick Snowball Max Level: 5

Type: Special Event

Target: Snowpile

Description: Picks up a Snowball from the ground. You must be on snowpile area to be able to cast the skill, This skill fails, if the currect Weight is more than 70%.

[Lv 1]: Pick 1 Snowball

[Lv 2]: Pick 2 Snowballs

[Lv 3]: Pick 3 Snowballs

[Lv 4]: Pick 4 Snowballs

[Lv 5]: Pick 5 Snowballs

2 Skill throwsnowball.gif Throw Snowball Max Level: 7

Type: Special Physical

Target: 1 Character

Description: Attacks an enemy with a Snowball which inflict damage that pierce enemy's defense and has a low chance of inflicting Stun or Blind statuses.

There's a chance for the skill to hit twice.

Element: Water

Consumes 1 Snowball

[Lv 1]: Damage 135 | Double cast rate 15%

[Lv 2]: Damage 168 | Double cast rate 25%

[Lv 3]: Damage 201 | Double cast rate 35%

[Lv 4]: Damage 234 | Double cast rate 45%

[Lv 5]: Damage 267 | Double cast rate 55%

[Lv 6]: Damage 300 | Double cast rate 65%

[Lv 7]: Damage 333 | Double cast rate 75%

3 Skill snowballrain.gif Snowball Rain Max Level: 7

Skill Form: Active

Type: Special Physical

Target: Ground

Description: Summons snowballs from the sky and it will deal damage to all enemies within the range.

The snowball will hit depends on the level.

Element: Water

Consume: 2 Snowball

[Lv 1]: Damage 111 x 1 hit | AoE: 3x3 cells

[Lv 2]: Damage 111 x 2 hit | AoE: 3x3 cells

[Lv 3]: Damage 111 x 3 hit | AoE: 3x3 cells

[Lv 4]: Damage 111 x 4 hit | AoE: 5x5 cells

[Lv 5]: Damage 111 x 5 hit | AoE: 5x5 cells

[Lv 6]: Damage 111 x 6 hit | AoE: 5x5 cells

[Lv 7]: Damage 111 x 7 hit | AoE: 7x7 cells

4 Skill snowbombarda.gif Snow Bombarda Max Level: 3

Skill Form: Active

Type: Special Physical

Target: Self

Description: Blast multiple bombs randomly 11x11 area around the caster, dealing special damage to the enemies.

Enemies will be knocked around the area.

The number of hits and the knocked distance depends on the skill level.

The bomb has a chance to inflict Burning status to the enemies.

[Lv 1]: Damage 111 | 3~6x Hit | 2~5 Knocked

[Lv 2]: Damage 111 | 4~6x Hit | 3~5 Knocked

[Lv 3]: Damage 111 | 5~8x Hit | 4~5 Knocked

Element: Neutral

Consume: 3 Snowball

5 Skill snowblessing.gif Snow Blessing Max Level: 1

Skill Form: Active

Type: Supportive

Target: Self

AP Cost: 125

Duration: 300 seconds

Cooldown: 360 seconds

Description: Increase snow skill damage during buff duration and allow snow skill to hit all snow monster.

Add a chance to Heal 1~2 AP when casting snow skills.

Each skill affect differently:

[Throw Snowball] Increase damage +111

[Snowball Rain]

Increase hit 1~2x

[Snow Bombarda]

Increase hit 1~5x

Double the amount of random bomb, add small chance to increase bomb hit count to 2 or 4 times.

6 Skill snowdance.gif Snow Dance Max Level: 1

Skill Form: Active

Type: Supportive

Target: Self

AP Recovery: 10

Cooldown: 20 seconds

Description: Perform a spinning dance for 20 second full!

You can't move during dance duration.

Event NPC

No NPC Description
1 Xmas molly.gif Molly (/NAVI omgmain 101/166)

She will exchange your Snow Coins into other coin.

Coin xmas 2023.gif

2 Xmas holland.gif Holland (/NAVI omgmain 99/171)

He will exchange the snow gold coin into Costume / Pets / Usable

Xmas costume1.gif

3 Xmas bonbon.gif BonBon (/NAVI omgmain 97/181)

For 25 pcs of Snowball, he will gift your character buff that will reduce the Cooldown of Snow Bombarda by 2 second. During this buff, you character will be transformed into a cute Iwin.