Late (Ramadan) 2023

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Main Story Quest

1 2023 01.gif Talk to NPC Narto at Maintown 215 / 134

Introduce yourself to him

2 2023 02.gif Walk to the East and meet Risco sitting near the statue.

He's waiting for his sister, Risca.

3 2023 03.gif Meet Riso sister Risca at the far West of Maintown.

She waiting for Jauhari to came to watch her animals while she's away.

4 2023 04.gif Unfortunately, you can't meet Jauhari, but you meet Mommy Ida instead.

Jauhari got sick. You need to deliver the news to Risca.

5 2023 05.gif Offer yourself to help feeding Risca animals.

Daily Log

2023 06.gif Pet Food info See all the pet food for each animals
Feeding progress See your daily Feeding progress

Each feeding completed, you will receive 1 pc Feeding Log

Colleting Chicken Egg See and report your daily collecting chicken egg
Start New Day After 4 AM daily, make sure you already finish all the dailies feeding.

This will reset all dailies cooldown. And if you finish all the dailies, you will receive additional reward:

  • 1 Star Egg
  • 1 Champorado
  • 25 Poring Coin

Collecting Egg

2023 07.gif The chickens lay their eggs on the bush across the Maintown.

Find them on every Bush on Maintown.

Also you can get Chicken Egg from Chicken Egg monster at Maintown with some rate.
2023 08.gif After collecting 12 Chicken Eggs, put the inside the Box Container.

Then Report to Daily Log to receive rewards.

  • Opor Ayam
  • Ketupat Super

Pet Food

2023 09.gif The Dirt will spawn near the farm area only.

You can obtain King Earthworm from here.

All other pet food are dropped from normal monster.
And to feed the animals, you must stand close to the animal.

Cute Pet

2023 10.gif Rhino ( Maintown 76 / 155 )
2023 11.gif Lion ( Maintown 213 / 228 )
2023 12.gif Gorilla ( Maintown 174 / 107 )
All pet have custom effect addedt:
  • Reduce damage taken from Player (Human & Doram)


2023 13.gif Kiko will gives quest time-based quest.

All you have to do is, kill 2 Mysterious Egg on Maintown. The location will be revealed when accepting the quest. Report back to him after hunting 2 Mysterious Eggs. Reward: 1 pc QQ Pouch

QQ Pouch: will give random item (including Pet Egg Exchange Voucher)