Haru - Exploration Enchant

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NPC Haru ( omg_in02 28/245 )

<Exploration Enchant>

Located inside Enchant|Grade|Reform Room, south of OMGMall.

You need 1 pc of Exploration Badge to enchant. The process enchant are 100% save, and the reset depends on the method that you choose.

Enchant Order


The enchant start at slot 4 → 3 → 2

And to Reset, the item need to be fully enchanted.

List of possible enchant

Slot 4 Rate Slot 3 Rate Slot 2 Rate
4706.png STR/AGI/VIT/INT/DEX/LUK +7 10% 4706.png STR/AGI/VIT/INT/DEX/LUK +7 11,15% 4706.png STR/AGI/VIT/INT/DEX/LUK +7 11,15%
300229.png Extra STR 5% 4853.png Special STR 5% 4853.png Special STR 5%
310648.png Extra AGI 5% 4854.png Special AGI 5% 4854.png Special AGI 5%
310649.png Extra VIT 5% 4855.png Special VIT 5% 4855.png Special VIT 5%
310650.png Extra INT 5% 4856.png Special INT 5% 4856.png Special INT 5%
310651.png Extra DEX 5% 4857.png Special DEX 5% 4857.png Special DEX 5%
310652.png Extra LUK 5% 4858.png Special LUK 5% 4858.png Special LUK 5%
4879.png Hawkeye 1,7% 29246.png Player Resistance 3 3,1% 27412.png MaxHP +15 3,1%
4879.png Muscle Fool 1,7%
4877.png Speed of Light 1,7%
4876.png Runaway Magic 1,7%
4876.png Bear Power 1,7%
4803.png Cure Lv. 1 1,5%

List of possible items

I. Accessory
28429.png Arquin's Necklace
28551.png Imperial Glove
28372.png Imperial Ring
28575.png Verus Core
28520.png Egir Ring
28411.png Emerald Earring
28573.png Emerald Ring
28596.png Toy Ring
28533.png Chemical Glove
28503.png Keraunos
28410.png Sapphire Wrist
32263.png Shield Ring
490113.png Jasper Ring
28379.png Shadow Ring
490102.png Skull Ring
28513.png Celine's Brooch
490037.png Dark Ring
28598.png Powered Chip
28438.png Fairy Leaf Powder
32227.png Fenrir Chain
28377.png Magical Ring
490068.png Ring of Venus
28434.png Boxing Glove
28594.png Temporal Ring
28485.png Shinobi Sash
490083.png Judgement Scale
490079.png Mental Expansion Ring
28564.png Valkyrie Drop
28433.png Luminous Blue Light Stone
28437.png Hibram's Glove
490130.png Skynet Blow Ring
28531.png Blacksmith's Glove
490038.png Sixth Sense Amplifier Ring
28430.png Arch Bishop Ring
490096.png Persuit Ring
28565.png Perverse Demon Mask
28492.png Thieve's Guide Vol. 1
32265.png Thieve's Guide Vol. 2
28386.png Fallen Monk Rosary
28484.png Rebellion's Scarf
32204.png Immortal Dog Tag
28507.png Magician's Glove
28505.png Demon's God Ring
32222.png Hero's Brooch
32262.png Rasen Fuma's Orb
490118.png Ring of Adoramus
490141.png Metal Pick
490145.png Ring of Ceryneian
490149.png Glittering Nyan Nyang Choker
490183.png Militay Glove
490193.png Traveler Ring
490110.png Anulus Ring
490146.png Paracelsus Glove
490029.png Geffenia Ice Magic Tool
II. Accessory
32206.png Prontera Militia Glove
32258.png Ring of Jupiter
2998.png Shining Trapezohedron
28521.png Giant Protection
28506.png Storm Stone
2889.png Ring of Endurance
490104.png Phoenix Ring
28501.png Kirin Horn