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Halloween Main Story Quest

1 Hw2023 1.gif To start the main quest, talk to Kino at Maintown ( /NAVI omgmain 110/164 )

He's got worried about Nurse Lina.

2 Hw2023 2.gif Meet Nurse Lina inside the Tea House ( /NAVI omg_in02 206/123 )

Listen to her concern about the illness.

3 Hw2023 3.gif Nurse Lisa will ask you to meet with George inside the Maintown Mansion ( /NAVI omg_in02 317/341 )

Talk with George, in the scene, all the team members will show up. Listen to their early analysis.

4 Hw2023 4.gif Follow Rupert to examine the body he found at the lower floor of Refine Room ( /NAVI omg_refine 177/170 )

Gather all the clue at the room them talk to Rupert again. After share the details, Rupert tell you to try to find the ID of the deceased somewhere at the Maintown.

Hw2023 5.gif
5 Hw2023 6.gif When you go outside from the Refine Room, you'll find few dotted guide on your minimap.

Find each Bush and keep examine them until nothing left to found.

Hw2023 7.gif Hw2023 8.gif
6 Hw2023 9.gif Once you found the ID, meet Rupert inside the Tea House ( /NAVI omg_in02 201/123 ). He ask you to tell Peter Bathagoure's family to bear the news then meet with him at the Maintown Mansion afterwards.

Rupert will kind enough to warp you to Hugel directly.

7 Hw2023 10.gif Meet with the wife, Donna Bathagoure and break the news to her.

She will get so upset and cry. Go to Maintown Mansion then meet with Rupert afterwards.

8 Hw2023 11.gif Explain all your finding to George with Rupert. Jay will appear and tell his finding so far.

He ask you to meet with someone at Niflheim.

9 Hw2023 12.gif Find Lomban at Niflheim ( /NAVI niflheim 91/218 ). He will ask you to find 3 pcs of 4953.png Mustika from the grave across the Niflheim, as the compensation disturbing this work.

Go take some 6381.png Shovel from Fishing Arena before you started digging on the grave (grave marked with purple dot on your minimap).

Give the 4953.png Mustika to Lomban then will tell about Peter Bathagoure.

10 Hw2023 13.gif After hearing Lomban stories, go to the floating island on the Niflheim. You will meet Jay there, near the Mysterious Mansion portal.

Tell Jay about your finding, the Sorcerer's Stone. Bring 2 pcs 101952.png Moon Dust that you can get from Moonring at Maintown.

11 Hw2023 14.gif With 2 pcs of 101952.png Moon Dust, talk to Jay once again. But he got a call and tell you to enter the Mysterious Mansion by yourself. Before he go, he will rent his mercenary.

Go inside the portal next to Jay to enter the Mysterious Mansion.

12 Hw2023 15.gif Go inside the Mysterious Mansion. Beware of the trap inside the mansion, it can kill you!

Meet with the mansion owner, Mirisa. She's angry with you, she thinks that you were the thief. But tell her that YOU ARE NOT THE THIEF!

13 Hw2023 16.gif Mirisa will explain everything about the Sorcerer's Stone. Later she will ask you to help her sister, Merusa at the kitchen.

Merusa will host the secret wizard meeting, she ask you to collect 6 pcs 400016.png of Magical Turkey that spawned at Niflheim. Bring the turkey back to Merusa. Go find Mirisa afterwards.

(*) If you bring her more than 6 pcs of 400016.png Magical Turkey, she will take all of it!

14 Hw2023 17.gif Meet Ponyo downstairs to get some 12282.png Leather Pouch. But, since she got busy at the time, she will teleport you to Maintown. Go talk to Nurse Lisa.

Nurse Lisa will inform you that Jay is waiting at the secret location. Find Lukas at the Airship Station at Maintown.

15 Hw2023 18.gif Meet Lukas and tell him that you on the official business. He knows what it means and will teleport you to the secret location.

Meet Jay at the Garden of Time. Tell all your finding to him, later he will teleport you to the Mysterious Mansion entrance to get some 12282.png Leather Pouch. Meet with Ponyo and buy decent amount of 12282.png Leather Pouch from her.

16 Hw2023 19.gif With the 12282.png Leather Pouch on your inventory, find any Halloween Decoration at Maintown. Try to find get the stone from it.

Be careful during the extraction process. When failed, you will lose some 12282.png Leather Pouch and some of your HP/SP, you can die in this process.

You will get raw 27155.png Sorcerer's Stone instead of the 22558.png Sorcerer's Stone Pouch. Go quick meet with Jay at the Garden of Time( talk to Lukas to get back to Garden of Time ).

Jay will ask you to meet with Ilayda.

17 Hw2023 20.gif Ilayda will tell you that you need to offer the 12282.png Leather Pouch to the Halloween Decoration, not your hands.

She will tell you to use the Interdimensional Device to somewhat destroy the stones. Follow the step next, she will guide you how to operate the device properly.

  • Turn the right-side Magical Clock - clockwise
  • Turn the left-side Magical Clock - counterclockwise
  • Push the Magical Giant Clock button 3 times
18 Hw2023 21.gif After third button push, the Interdimensional Device will turn ON. You may use the device now and destroy the stones.

Ilayda will appear next to you after the stone destroyed. Then go meet Jay afterwards. Jay ask you to find Mona. Use the warp portal near Jay to back to Airship Station then follow the navigation to meet with Mona.

(*) The device will turn OFF by itself on every 10 minutes. You must turn ON them each time if you wish to use them again.

19 Hw2023 22.gif After learning the right way to collect the stone, Mona will ask you to get 7 pcs of 22558.png Sorcerer's Stone Pouch, then got them destroyed with Interdimensional Device.

With plenty 12282.png Leather Pouch on your inventory, collect 7 pcs stone from the Halloween Decoration, then have them destroyed at Garden of Time.

After done all of it, report back to Mona.

20 Hw2023 23.gif Meet George inside Maintown Mansion. The group will gather and give last report to George.

Finally, George will ask you to meet his wife, Georgina ( /NAVI omgmain 34/137 )

She will give you reward for finishing the Halloween Main Quest!

  • 22838.png 5 Pumpkin Candy Basket
  • Costume Halloween Hat
  • 6657.png 1 Pumpkin Token
  • 6635.png 25 Blacksmith's Blessing
  • 6673.png 10 Lotti Donita & Ligaya
  • 25793.png 2 Inventory expansion voucher
  • 2 Galaxy Boss Token
  • 7 days of OMG+
(*) LIMITATION for repeatable quest per PLAYER
  • Max of 28 days OMG+ per each player (each completed quest adds 7 days)
  • After 100 6635.png Blacksmith's Blessing collected, you will receive 2 pcs for new quest completed.
  • After 40 6673.png Donita and Ligaya ticket collected, you will receive 2 pcs for new quest completed.
  • After 8 25793.png pcs Inventory Expansion Voucer collected, you will receive 1 pc for new quest completed.
  • After 9 pcs Galaxy Boss Token collected, you will not receive for new quest completed.

(*) Any attempt to bypass the limitation is prohibited and can result in account termination.

Daily Quest

Daily Quest - Find the Treasure

Candy 1.gif Talk to Candy behind the Main Office ( /NAVI omgmain 126/123 ).

Take the quest from her, Find the Treasure. She will rent you 22899.png Candy Treasure Map.

Candy 2.gif Use the Treasure Map in Maintown. Each time you use the map, you will get some direction where the treasure buried.
  • South-East direction >> walk to the direction then try to use the map again
  • East >> this mean, you already on the correct Y coordinate. Now move to East direction until you find the treasure.
Candy 3.gif Keep following the guide until you found the hidden Treasure.

You can get up to 3 Treasure if you lucky!

(*) The quest got 24 hours cooldown. If you got 25 pcs 12292.png Moon Fruit, you can bribe Candy to remove the cooldown right away.

Candy 4.gif

Daily Quest - Hunt Magical Turkey

Daily Quest - Save Halloween Decoration

Daily Quest - Halloween Hunting