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Thanos Helmet-LT

Target Items Slot Order Minimum Requirements Line Options Reset Process
Grade Refine
400134.png Thanos Warrior Helmet-LT [1] 3→2 No Grade 0 allowed 500,000z

Chance: 100.00%

400141.png Thanos Shooter Helmet-LT [1]
400146.png Thanos Magic Helmet-LT [1]
400150.png Thanos Fighter Helmet-LT [1]

Perfect Enchants - Slot 2

Slot 2 Enchant Enchantment Process
Materials Zeny
311367.png Gray Spell (Warrior) Lv1 100 6672.png Gray Shard

1 1000874.png Enchant Ticket

311370.png Gray Spell (Shooter) Lv1
311373.png Gray Spell (Magic) Lv1
311376.png Gray Spell (Fighter) Lv1