Constellation Tower

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  • Level Required: 240
  • Party count: 1+
  • Location: Misty Island
  • Cooldown: 3 Days
  • Prerequisite: none
  • Reward: 1000373.png Meteorite Fragment, 1000372.png Meteorite Dust, etc


This instance is the replacement of Endless Tower. Constellation Tower floor spawn up to 75 floor and has Boss on every 5 floors. You need to kill all the monster in order to continue to the next floor, with the exception of the Boss that doesn't have to be killed. Started at floor 50, you can choose to fight Betelgeuse now or keep climbing to the 75th floor to add more difficulty to the instance. More difficulty will give you chance to earn more rewards.

The monster on each floor is randomized and the amount will increase floor by floor. They the stronger version of the normal monster but didn't have normal drop rate like the normal monster, they only dropped 1000372.png Meteorite Dust.

The instance only has 60 minutes to finish. If you plan to do higher difficulty, you must fight the Betelgeuse as soon as possible. On every floor after the Boss spawn, you can talk to the NPC Fire and offer some 1000372.png Meteorite Dust as the tribute, you can skip 4 floors ahead (Example: Floor 1 to 5, Floor 6 to 10, etc.). The tribute requires 50 1000372.png Meteorite Dust at first floor and will increase by 25.

Floor 25

After you reach floor 25, you can choose to Enter the Dimensional Rift to fight Naght Sieger or keep climbing to fight Betelguse. After the leader choose, there's no going back. Make sure you didn't choose wrong, because the cooldown is 3 days.

Talk to NPC Leticia and Naght Sieger will spawn near her. The fight are simple. Naght Sieger will start spawn 4 minions in four directions when his HP are below 70%. Once you've killed Naght Sieger, talk to Leticia to receive your rewards.

All party members will be able to claim the rewards.

Floor 50 and 75

When you choose to fight Betelgeuse on floor 50, the difficulty start at 0~600 points when all sealed maximized (all stat ⭐⭐⭐) and maximum chance of getting 1000 point at floor 75 with all stats maxed out (all stat ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐).

Each ⭐ (40 point) will add difficulty to the battle and will give higher chance of treasure to spawn. The Treasure will started to spawn at 400 point and up.

After you arrived at the Goddess Altar, talk to Oscar first. Then you can randomize the Betelgeuse abilities at the fountain near Oscar. You can keep randomize the abilities as much as you want. And after certain point passed, you may be able to maximize the abilities directly.

After you done with the abilities, talk to Oscar again, and choose Fight Betelgeuse. To enter the battle area, click on invisible NPC at the gate. Once you enter the battle area, you can't go back.

Betelgeuse Abilities

Each randomize abilities will cost 20 1000372.png Meteorite Dust. On floor 50, if you able to get 300 point at least, the menu to maximized abilities will be unlocked. And you need to pay 150 1000372.png Meteorite Dust. On Floor 75, the point needed is 600 to unlock the maximized abilities menu, and you need to spend 300 1000372.png Meteorite Dust to maximized the abilities.


Sealed abilities will have 500M HP. And will have 2B HP at ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.


Betelgeuse damage will increase depends on ⭐ unlocked.


When Betelgeuse duplicate his soul, Betelgeuse's Revenant will be spawn. As long as they live, some % damage to Betelgeuse will be absorbed to heal Betelgeuse. We add special effect when Betelgeuse regain heal to help you notice. The higher the difficulty level, the heal amount also higher and will force you to kill the Betelgeuse's Revenant. Each player that hit by the trap and died member during fight will increase the chance of spawning Betelgeuse's Revenant.


Each difficulty will increase Betelgeuse resistance. This part doesn't matter that much if your party have a good DPS.


Each ⭐will increase amount of HP loss when hit the moving trap. The damage on the third stage will be higher than stage 2 (when trap start to appear). The trap can move horizontal or vertical. At higher difficulty, they can be active at the same time.

Battle Area

Battle area.png During the fight, you must keep Betelgeuse inside battle arena (green lines). If he goes outside the battle area, after 5 seconds, his damage will start to increase and can easily kill you with once hit. We customize these behaviors so if you lure back him back to the battle area, his damage can go back to normal.

The moving trap will be moving across the purple lines.


  • All monster will be dropped 1000372.png Meteorite Dust
  • 1000397.png Betelgeuse Soul 0~3
  • 1000373.png Meteorite Fragment 5~25
  • 1000372.png Meteorite Dust 2~35
  • Depends on difficulty, there's possibility that Treasure Chest will appear after killing Betelgeuse
    • 3 Rainbow Treasure Chest (gives random floating dust, meteorite fragment stats, soul/costume at low rate)
    • 5 Small Treasure Chest (gives meteorite floating dust)
    • 5 Big Treasure Chest (gives meteorite fragment stats)