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Enjoy your Holiday at OMGRO with our Christmas Event and New Year Event!

Christmas Main Story Quest

1 Xmas 01.gif To start the main quest, talk to Mr. Snowman at Maintown 144/121

He will tell you a story about how he loses his bag. He will ask you to retrieve his lost bag.

2 Xmas 02.gif If you agree to help him, he will teleport you to Al De Baran so you can visit Lutie by talking to Mr. Claus
3 Xmas 03.gif Once you arrived at Lutie Field, follow the navigation guide to meet Guard in front of the Secret Doll Factory.

Tell the Guard that you are an Employee of the factory, and you lose your Employee ID. He will let you enter the factory if you give him 741.png Poring Doll.

You can get the doll from NPC Doll Supplier at Prontera.

4 Xmas 04.gif Once you gained access to the factory, come closer to the weird portal in front of the house.

If you stand too far, the portal will be unable to teleport you inside.

5 Xmas 05.gif Talk to Scared Employee inside.

She will ask for your help first to retrieve her doll from monster Egg Princess on the second floor.

She also lends you her Employee ID Card.

6 Xmas 06.gif The secret portal located at one of the cupboards. You must come closer to be able to see the portal.

With Scared Employee - Employe Card in your inventory, you will be warp to the hallway.

7 Xmas 08.gif Walk through the hallway to the portal to enter the second floor.

Kill monster Egg Princess on the second floor until you found 25146.png Queen Doll Mini. Gives the doll to Scared Employee.

She will tell you to ask to Madam Bebe on the second floor to unlock the boxes, and then will ask her Employee ID Card back.

8 Xmas 07.gif Talk to NPC Meong and get your self an Employee ID.

There's two method you can choose:

  • 24 hours rental: 1 pc 4196.png Marin Card
  • Permanent: 5 pc 4196.png Marin Card

After you get your own ID Card, you may use the secret portal to enter the second floor.

(*) If you choose the rental, you can create another ID after it's expired at NPC Meong

9 Xmas 09.gif Go to second floor and look at your minimap. You will see yellow dot, that's where Madam Bebe located.

Madam Bebe just about to take her beauty shower after work. You must go to the Control Room by yourself to unlock the box from there. Don't forget the password she told you, "IamCut3".

10 Xmas 10.gif Go to Control Room and input the password correctly.

Once you done, the box at the hallway on the first floor will be unlocked for 5 minutes. You can try to recover Mr. Snowman Bag's within that time frame. If you fail, you must re-input the password at the Control Room to unlock the box again.

11 Xmas 11.gif Walk fast to first floor and click on the Box. Once you retrieve the Mr. Snowman Bag's, give the bag to Mr. Snowman.

Congratulation! You finished the main quest! You may take daily quest at NPC Mew-Mew.


During event, all equipment are disabled on Lutie Field and Second Floor of Doll Factory.

Only Booster Equipment (including shadows) that enabled on event map!

(*) You can buy Booster Equipment at NPC Om Botack on second floor of Doll Factory or at NPC Booster Maintown.

Event MAP: xmas_fild01
Disable skill list

(*) Might be updated later

  • 5241.png Oleum Sanctum
  • 5244.png Explosion Blaster
  • 5237.png Frozen Slash
  • 5225.png Crystal Impact
  • 5216.png Rain of Crystal
  • 5215.png Destructive Hurricane
  • 1013.png Greed
  • 2565.png Round Trip
  • 5003.png Illusion Doping
  • 5436.png Howling of Chulho
  • 2321.png Genesis Ray
  • 5427.png Talisman Of White Tiger
Monster Xmas 17.gif
Event material drop (dropped from event monster):
  • 400232.png Snowman Figure
  • 25146.png Queen Doll Mini
Event material map-drop (dropped on the map-event)
  • 480205.png Lutie Snowflake

Daily Quest

Collect Egg Princess Egg
1 Xmas 12.gif Talk to NPC Mew-Mew with Employee ID on your inventory.

Choose Take a Job > Collect Egg Princess Egg

2 Xmas 13.gif Go to the second floor and kill Egg Princess monster.

On every kill there's a chance to get Egg Princess Eggs directly to your inventory.

3 Xmas 14.gif After collecting 5 Egg Princess Eggs, talk to NPC Mew-Mew again.

Choose Report finished job. You will be rewarded with 5 pc Snow Coin.

The quest will be reset at 4AM.

NPC: Toy Machine

Exchange all your event-materials at this NPC. New cute costumes and encore costumes.

Xmas 16.gif

1 23261.png Macaron
2 12658.png Transformation Scroll (Antonio)
3 12658.png Transformation Scroll (Xmas Lunatic)
4 12658.png Transformation Scroll (Xmas Jakk)
5 12658.png Transformation Scroll (Xmas Goblin)
6 11533.png Sate Ayam
7 6007.png Opor Ayam
8 6316.png Token of Siegfried
9 1000254.png Booster Coin
10 14590.png Party Assumptio 5 Scroll
11 14593.png Mystical Amplification Scroll
12 100821.png Hero's-LT Refine Hammer I ~ VI
13 100619.png Modifier Thanatos Refine Hammer
14 101306.png Poenitentia Refine Weapon Hammer
15 101077.png Vivatus Weapon Refine Hammer
16 101390.png Clock Tower Basement Refine Hammer
17 101307.png Varmundt Armore Refine Hammer

Make My Wish Come True

Make your wish come true! Wish your own gift from Santa!

Post of your char screenshot while making a reward wish.

  1. Your Facebook timeline (must include hashtag #OMGXmas). You must set your post to public.
  2. Post the screenshot at our Facebook Group.
  3. Post the screenshot at our Discord on #make-my-wish-come-true channel.

Total winner: 4 player their wishes will be granted!

You can choose any item/costume that normally can be made/quest through any NPC.

(*) All participant will receive Episode Clear Ticket ( 16 and 17 )

December Double Drop

Enjoy our December Special Double Drop!

The event will ended on January after New Year event maintenance update.

Christmas Donation Event

During December 2022, receive +100% cash point when donating.

Christmas Donation Special Costume

For any player, during December 2022, when donating up to $50 or 500K IDR, you may choose a free Donation Costumes.

Special costume available during December 2022 that you can choose.

Try the costume at NPC Christmas Event Notice at Maintown.

Xmas 15.gif