Valentine (Lunar New Year 2023)

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Main Story Quest

1 Va 001.gif To start the main quest, talk to Violet at Maintown 150/171

Violet need help finding Sausage Princess that been missing.

2 Va 002.gif Meet Sausage Soldier at Maintown 260/186

He will explain how the incident happened. Help him to retrieve information from his college across Maintown.

3 Va 003.gif Keep follow the navigation for all Sausage Soldier collage. And retrieve any information.
4 Va 004.gif You will eventually come across with Red and Yellow. Talk to him and follow his weird scam.

Red will shared information about Black then they will ask you to bring Sausage Soldier to meet them. Go visit Sausage Soldier near the Airship and bring him with you.

5 Va 005.gif Talk to them again and witness their weird scam.

After the attempt, Red will show you where Black at.

6 Va 006.gif Follow Red and jump into Hole in the Ground near the big tree.

This hole will lead you to Black lairs.

7 Va 007.gif On the first island, try find another Hole in the Ground that will lead you directly to Black.

The first island got many fruits, and you'll need to collect later.

8 Va 008.gif Talk to Black and enjoy the weird scene about recuing Sausage Princess from Black.

Talk again to Black and he will give you a job collecting 3 types of fruit found on first island, each 10 pc.

9 Va 009.gif Find another Hole in the Ground near Black to visit first island back. Then collect 3 types of fruits there (10 each).
  • Antigua Black Pineapple
  • Calabash
  • Watermelon
10 Va 010.gif After collecting the fruits, put them at the Jar at Black's places.

(*) You unlock collecting fruits daily quest

11 Va 011.gif Report to Black and he will gives you Costume Rainbow Shell (one time only) and 1 pc Heart Chocolate Stick.

Love Fairy - Special Hunting at Maintown 143/121

He will give you special hunting quest at Maintown.

Once you activated, you have 60 seconds to kill as many monsters as possible.

He will give you random monster to hunt at Maintown, either Special Rabbit or Special Poring.

For each kill, you will receive 1 pc Hatching Doll.

The quest has 5 minutes cooldown. And you can retake the quest as many as you want.

S poring.gif Special Poring
S rabbit.gif Special Rabbit

They both has special effect to make them easy to spot during the hunt.

Bunnies (Tteok Mask)

Bunny 001.gif
They all located at Maintown 139/100. Each bunny has different Tteok Mask. and during February 2023, they give special ability.

Talk to each of them to receive the quest. Once you collected the materials, they will gives you the mask.

These are costume from the Bunnies:

Picture Name Effect
1 410223.png Costume Bean Tteok ATK/MATK +10%

Increase exp +10% SPL, STA, WIS, CON +5 ASPD +10

2 410221.png Costume White Tteok ATK/MATK +10%

Increase exp +10% POW, STA, WIS, CON +5 ASPD +10

3 410222.png Costume Black Sesame Tteok ATK/MATK +10%

Increase exp +10% CRT, STA, WIS, CON +5 ASPD +10

Puss in Boots

Pussinboots.gif Puss in Boots ( Maintown 147/109 )

He will trade event materials into costumes / usable / etc.

Rice Cake

Ricecake.gif Rice Cake ( Maintown 152/94 )

Event pet are here for you. There's also 3 special custom pet taming:

  • Betelgeuse
  • Tron Knight
  • Summoner

The monster are spawn 1 pc at Maintown and you can tame them. Catch rate: 10%

Betelgeus pet.gif Tron.gif Summoner.gif